geografie sommerse

GEOGRAFIE SOMMERSE, it is a work on the move, with nomads, minorities at risk, pilgrims.
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International Photography Award 2023, Los Angeles

140 Photos col.and bw.,Text
and Editorial Project by M. Bulaj
Language: Italian
cm 23,6×33
ISBN: 9788832007657
Print: EBS July 2023


I travel between the spiritual boundaries, at the crossroads of the forgotten kingdoms, where the faiths and traditions of the weakest and most defenceless sparkle, with their fragile and helpless resistance, their capacity for dialogue and encounter. Walking with the nomads, with the fleeing minorities, with the pilgrims, looking for the beauty in the dark places of the world – solidarity in war, the cracks in the theory of the so-called clash of civilizations, where the gods seem at war with each other, evoked by presidents, terrorists and bandits. I imagine a visual atlas of minorities at risk and of shared sacred places, which confuses mental maps of the sacred based on exclusions. Clandestine geographies, stratifications of memories, of places-bridges, indecipherable for barbarians, where the metaphors of initiations and recipes for survival have been whispered for centuries. Year after year the map gets longer, I add a piece, a splinter, a spark. Everything happens in the grace of an encounter. Tenderness is the go-between. Find out more



Where Gods Whisper
Contrasto, Italy 2017
text and photos by Monika Bulaj
Language: English
transl. Maya Latynski and Marguerite Shore
ISBN 978-88-6965-314-8
246p.,144 photos col. and bw., cm 200×240

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The Aftermath Project Grant
Vol. IV, curator: Sara Terry
Dewi Lewis Publishing, USA 2018
ISBN 9781911306214
photographies by the 2010 grant winners
Monika Bulaj and Denny Wilcox Frazier,
and finalists










Nur_Bulaj_pl_National_GeographicNUR Zapiski afgańskie (Afghan Diaries)
Language: Polish
text, photos and editorial project by Monika Bulaj
320 p., 166 photo col. and bw., cm 19×23
ISBN 9788375967500

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Pamirian Crossroads: Kirghiz and Wakhi
text by Hermann Kreutzmann
Harrasowitz Verlag Wiesbaden, Germany 2015
Freie Universität Berlin
Institute of Geographical Sciences
ISBN 978-3-44710449-4
photo by Monika Bulaj, Hermann Kreutzmann,
Roland Michaud and Matthieu Paley








NUR La luce nascosta dell’Afghanistan
(Nur. The Hidden Light of Afghanistan)
Electa Mondadori, Italy 2013
text and photos by Monika Bulaj
Language: Italian
original text in Italian and trans. from Polish by D. Anfelli
256 p., 166 ph. col. and bw., cm 22×27
ISBN 9788837092054

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(God’s People. A travel into Another Europe)
full edition
text and photos by Monika Bulaj
introduction of Moni Ovadia
Language: Italian
Postcart Italy 2012
352 p.; 300 ph. col. and bw; ril. cm 22×27
original text in Italian and translation form Polish by A. Buffa, G. Tomasucci
ISBN 9788886795890

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Bozy ludzie


BOŻY LUDZIE  Podróż po kres Europy
Bosz, Poland 2011
text and photos by Monika Bulaj
Language: Polish
312 p.; 229 ph. col. and bw.; ril. cm 21×28
ISBN 9788375761047







GENTI DI DIO  Viaggio nell’Altra Europa
text and photos by Monika Bulaj
introduction of Moni Ovadia
Frassinelli, Italy 2008
Language: Italian
328 p., 196 ph. col. and bw.; ril. cm 23×26
transl. A. Buffa, G. Tomasucci
ISBN 9788876849312

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Frassinelli, Italy 2007
text and photos by Monika Bulaj
Language: Italian
123 p., ril. cm 23×26
ISBN 9788876849671

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Frassinelli, Italy 2005
text and photos by Monika Bulaj
Language: Italian
118 p., ril. cm 23×26
ISBN 9788876849190

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Monika Bulaj, Paolo Rumiz
Frassinelli, Italy 2005
Language: Italian
232p., 109 ph. col. and bw.; ril. cm 23×26
ISBN  8876849041

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text and photos by Monika Bulaj
Bruno Mondadori, Italy 2002
Language: Italian
192 p.
ISBN 9788861591691

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