Broken Songlines || Three Manuscripts

A journey from China to Europe, an opposite Marco Polo, accompanied by three ancient manuscripts: a Buddhist, a Sufi and a Nestorian one. 

Walking alongside pilgrims who through their paths dissolve the borders; nomadic herders whose millenary and transboundary tracks are threatened by wars, or sealed by parliamentary decrees; religious minorities jeopardised by the foolishness of extremism.

Ancient manuscripts accompany us through this journey, and actualise the past, revealing its footprints in the present. Our itinerary is creating its own inter-religious path, linked to the history of today. 

Visual atlas of threatened minorities and religious communication intersections will be created.  The attention will be shift to the different faiths coming together in their shared sacred places. 






The Eye of Photography

Leonian Award as finalist of W. Eugene Smith grant in Humanistic Photography